American Revolution

All descendants can join the Daughters of the American Revolution
or the Sons of the American Revolution.
Philip Peter Frankenfield

Born: Nov 18, 1735

Died: Mar. 3, 1815

Dryland Cemetery

Fought in the Revolutionary War

Joined the "Associators for the Defense of American Liberties" on August 31, 1775.

Co 7 2nd Battalion
Northampton County Militia
June 5, 1780 to May 21, 1782

Inactive Duty

Northampton County, 2nd Battalion 7th company under Capt. George Nolf 3rd Class (roll May 28, 1782)

Northampton County, 5th Battalion 3rd class (not dated, but during the years 1777-1780)

John Henry Frankenfield

Born: March 19, 1740

Died: 1820

Private in the Nockamixon Associators in 1775.

Revolutionary War in Capt. Manus Yost company under Col. John Keller Oct. 14, 1781

Private in Capt. Jacob Shoupe's Second Company Third Battalion Bucks County Militia

He was mustered into service at Durham on June 5,1779

Three records of inactive duty.

Bucks County
3rd Battalion 2nd company Under Capt. Jacob Shoupe on  an Oct. 5, 1781 class roll

Bucks County
2nd Battalion, 4th Company on Oct. 22, 1781. States he did not perform tour of duty, excused, delinquent return and that there was a muster fine of 10.10.0 pound.

Adam Frankenfield

Born: Nov. 8, 1748

Died: Feb. 15, 1832

Springfield Cemetery

Fought in the Revolutionary War.

Co 6 3rd Battalion
Springfield Militia

Springfield Associates
Enrolled: Aug 21, 1775
Served under Capt. Josiah Bryon and Col John Keller 
mustered May 6, 1777

Served as a substitute for Christopher Borg in Capt. Manus Yost's company and under Col. John Keller in 1781.

He was in the 2nd class of the Springfield Militia under Capt.  Christopher Wigner in 1781

Andrew Overpeck Jr.

Born: Aug. 15, 1743

Died: Dec. 15, 1828

Under Capt. Christopher Wigmer's Co.

2nd class of the 2nd Battalion Northampton County Militia under Capt. Jacob Buss

2nd class 1st  company 2nd battalion Northampton County Militia in 1782

He served in the 2nd class 2nd battalion Northampton County, Militia under Col. Roup and Capt. Jacob Buss

He servered as a 1st Lt. under Capt. William Roup in the 1st company  5th battalion Northampton County, Militia.

David Gary
Private in the Sixth Company, under Captain Josiah Bryan or the Third Battalion, PA Militia.
He was mustered in to Colonel John Keller's Command on May 6, 1777.
John Leonard Frankenfield

Born: Sept 29, 1759

Died: Aug 21, 1834

Dryland Cemetery

American Revolution
2nd Class 1st Company 2nd Battalion Northampton County Militia May 22, 1781.

Has a substitute, George Nolf, under Capt. Abraham Horn's 2nd class 2nd Battalion for 2 months service in 1782

Later joined Capt. Jacob Buss' comapny from Forks Township, May 9, 1785

2nd class of 1st company 8th battalion Forks Township, Northampton County, Militia May 10, 1784 under Jacob Russ.

Excerpted from The Frankenfield Family in America Beginning 24 August 1749 used by permission from the Author Alfreda Patton Davidson.