The Frankenfield Family Crest as found in the window of a home in Kirberg German
Origin of the Frankenfield name
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It is believed that the Frankenfield family had its origin in France, where the name was Frank.  Some members of this family are thought to have left France and settled in the low lands of Germany.  There they became known as "Franks in the Felt" (or fields), which changed to Frankenfelt or Frankenfeld.  This is most likely the origin of the name of the Ancestors of Simon Frankenfield, who came to America.

Other Possible meanings for the German Franken-Frank-Franke-Franck are one who came from Franconia in Central Germany, the Freeman, or descendant of Frank.

The Spelling of the Name

The usual spelling in America is Frankenfield, which was used in the title of this work.  In Germany it is usually spelled Frankenfeld.  There are a number of variant spellings including: Franckenfeldt, Frankenfelt, Frankinfeld, Frankinfield, Frankfeld, Franckenfield, Franckenfeldt, Franckenfeld, Vrankenfeld, etc.  One must remember that those who could not read or write were told how to do so by their school teacher or some other adult.  Also, the spellings of names changed from time to time.  hence, there is no correct spelling of the name.  In this work, the spelling Frankenfield is used, but sometimes the spelling in the original record is used.  Those in America who spell their name Frankenfield usually descend from Simon Frankenfield, who arrived in 1749.  The Frankenfeld spelling usually is a descendant from a later immigrant (in 1800's).
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