The Frankenfield Family in America Beginning 24 August 1749

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Updated from the 1987 version of the now out of print Frankenfield Family book! Over 20,000 names and 900 pages of Simon Frankenfield descendants in one book! Photos Written by DAR member Alfreda Patton Davidison! Find out how you're related to a big name movie star and a Pittsburgh Steeler! Includes the Frankenfield family in Europe!

With the death of the author in February 2008, Alfreda left all unsold genealogy books to the Frankenfield Reunion. The books are now in possession of the Frankenfield Reunion and can be ordered through this site!

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Kevin is currently working on updates and corrections to Alfreda's 2000 edition of the Frankenfield Family book. Due to the vast amount of information that has been gathered, the date for the first volume has been pushed back a year. The goal is to have the first volume (Philip Frankenfield from Northampton County) (currently in proofreading) ready in time for the Frankenfield Runion in 2016. He has been busy gathering more information on the Frankenfield families where Alfreda's book left off. Contact Kevin if you have any corrections or additions to be added. Also any pictures will be welcomed.

Kevin has published two other family history books, and put his third on hold so he can concentrate on the Frankenfield's. He is very exciting with all the new information he is finding! He is expecting each volume to be between 800 to 1000 pages each.

The original unchanged material that is in Alfreda's book will not appear in the next edition.